Evolutionary Spirituality


Herby Bell

Tom Atlee

Sarah Boulac

Current Activities[]

Michael is in New York negotiating with various publishers.

Peggy is involved in organizing the Seeds of Compassion gathering coming up in April in Seattle.


Current needs[]

  • Plans remain to hire additional staff to:
  • schedule radio interviews
  • schedule programs at colleges
  • schedule programs at conservative Christian churches
  • act as a personal assistant to Michael
  • organize ongoing activities to engage local passions and interests before and after presentations
  • If there is a specific task for which you would like to volunteer, write to Michael and let him know.

How has Evolutionary Spirituality impacted our lives?[]

  • It has instilled "evangelical impulses" to share its life changing message.
  • It has provided a sense of peace and balance in a hectic world.
  • It has sparked creativity to learn by teaching and writing.
  • It has resonated a "cellular memory of being at the big bang."

How can we bring together people with this interest?[]

We discussed the concept and the power of "open space technology" or "unconferencing" and encourage self-organization for each of us to take responsibility for what we are most energetic about and use ourselves for that purpose.

Possibilities are endless and include:

  • volunteering to host or convene conversations about evolutionary spirituality
  • setting up ways for people with these interests to find one another
  • social networking sites or in our local communities
  • space on Michael's website/social software/telephone/conference call line...

We discussed the idea of a book group via the conference call line or through social networking sites.

Upcoming Meetings[]

Wednesday, April 2nd at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern

Thursday, April 17th at 2:30pm Pacific.

Sarah 19:37, 22 March 2008 (UTC)