Here is where we will keep track of the invitees to the CI convergence. You don't need to register to use this wiki.

(What and when is "CI convergence? Who can come? --NealMcB)

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Tom Atlee - Co-Intelligence Institute, The Tao of Democracy

Susan Cannon - Pacific Integral

Nancy Glock-Grueneich - HIGHER EDge

Craig Hamilton - What is Enlightenment? magazine (past editor)

Sheri Herndon - Independent Media Center

Peggy Holman - Open Circle Company; The Change Handbook

Jason Jay - MIT Center for CI

Lion Kimbro HiveMind Did anybody reply to his enthused letter of Nov 6? You can read it by clicking on his name.

Pierre Levy - Collective Intelligence, University of Ottawa

Martin Ludvigsen - Meaningful Visions for Life, interaction design research into social spaces and technologies

George Por - Community Intelligence

Carole and David Schwinn - CommUnity Transformation Project, Berkana Institute

Robert David Steele - OSS.Net, The New Craft of Intelligence


John Abbe - Process Arts, Center for Group Learning - probably won't go to Sri Lanka, but hasn't confirmed CIC yet

Mark Beam - Collective Intelligence George listed him here, but Tom can't find Mark's response

Sherrin Bennett - Interactive Learning Systems, "Mindshift: Strategic Dialogue for Breakthrough Thinking" -- needs travel covered, offers graphic recording skills

Robert Horn - Knowledge Mapping, Visual Language - Depends on whether the can organize a DC trip around it...

Norman Johnson - Los Alamos National Laboratory, "The Science of Social Diversity" - did he answer?

Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz - Co-Futures, Groupware - funds and time needed

Robert Kramer 'potential host an extra day (Jan.14)'

Nancy White - Full Circle Associates - by mid-Nov will know if can schedule


Juanita Brown - The World Cafe

Doug Engelbart

Lisa Kimball - Unfortunately, the 15th of January is a federal holiday here (Martin Luther King Day) so i will be traveling. I'm attaching a brochure of a workshop i recently facilitated in a related area. I'll look forward to learning more...

Dave Pollard - How to Save the World - Can't come but offers papers and possible other involvement

Howard Rheingold - Smart Mobs


Italicized Names are to be called by Susan and/or Sheri

Howard Bloom - The Global Brain

Betty Sue Flowers - Presence, LBJ Presidential Library and Museum

Jerome C. Glenn - American Council for United Nations University, 2006 State of the Future

Carol Hegedus - "Inner Image and the Collective Experience"

Tom Hurley - TJH Associates, "Archetypal Practices for Collective Wisdom"

William Isaacs - Dialogos, DIalogue and the Art of Thinking Together

Jason Jay MIT Center for CI

Steven Johnson - Emergence

Kevin Kelly - Out of Control

Jaron Lanier - Virtual Reality, "The Frontier Between Us"

Jean-François Noubel - The Transitioner

Nova Spivack - EarthWeb, Lucid Ventures, "Collective Intelligence 2.0"

James Surowiecki - The Wisdom of Crowd


Verna Allee - Value Net Works, The Future of Knowledge

Sheryl Erickson - Collective Wisdom Initiative

Olen Gunnlaugson - Trifoss Coaching

Francis Heylighen - Free University of Brussels, Principia Cybernetica Project - will comment on papers

Thomas W. Malone - MIT Center for Collective Intelligence -

Mitchel Resnick author of Turtles, Termites, and Traffic Jams: Explorations in Massively Parallel Microworlds

Marko Rodriguez - - "if the invitation does not include airfare and lodging, then my current project money does not support such travel."

Andrea Saveri - Institute for the Future, The Cooperation Project

Otto Scharmer - Presence, Theory U conflict of schedule

Doug Schuler - Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility's Public Sphere Project, New Community Networks

Etienne Wenger - Cultivating Communities of Practice - hopes to keep in touch

TO BE INVITED (and who's inviting them)Edit

recommended by Lion:

Bruce LaDuke "Bruce works in CI, and has developed very elaborate but sensible theories about intelligence, knowledge, etc.,. I mean, just browse through: "

Keith Hopper "Keith Hopper I know from CommunityWiki, and he is passionate about CI. He can also write nicely and quickly."

Kathi Vios recommended by Adrea Saveri - SHERI

Eugene Kim, Blue Oxen - SHERI

Joel Garreau (author of Radical Evolution) SUSAN

Kaliya Hamlin - SHERI or TOM

Jerry McCloskey (spiritual web 2.0 guy) - NANCY

"a PM from Symantec" - NANCY

Robert Wright author of Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny (Read WIE's interview with him, “Suggestions of a Larger Purpose,” Issue 21) - GEORGE or TOM

Susan Skjei of Naropa University - GEORGE or TOM'

Phil Jackson - GEORGE found no email address

Lyn Carson co-author of Random Selection in Politics - TOM

Janine M. Benyus author of Biomimicry - TOM

RECENTLY INVITED (give date of invitation)Edit

names in this section get transfered to the No Answer section after ten days

Kevin Jones of Collective - - phone: 415.515.0426 -- Nov 23

Parker Rossman - - Nov 23

Gregory Stock -> - Nov 23

Olivier Zara - <> - - Author of Managing Collective Intelligence - Nov 23

John D. Smith, a CoP pioneer - - Nov 5

David Sibbet - author of leading-edge group process tools and models for facilitation, a master facilitator of future-oriented symposia Nov 23'