Here we can share and develop evolutionary spirituality for different branches of the Christian tradition -- including both evolutionary spiritual theory (theology, philosophy, inspring writings, etc.) and evolutionary practice (rituals, artifacts, holidays, etc.). It's the place to share best thinking and best practices.

You are invited to re-interpret the core understandings of your tradition from the perspective of The Great Story. The following criteria are suggested as a useful starting place:

How can each doctrine, concept, principle, practice, and theological insight of my tradition be understood in a way that:

a) validates pre-evolutionary understandings? (i.e., transcends and includes earlier interpretations)
b) makes sense naturally and scientifically? (i.e., is this-world realistic and measurable/falsifiable)
c) is inclusive and universal? (i.e., is true for everyone, everywhere)
d) is inspiring and empowering? (i.e., strengthens, deepens, and expands trust, and motivates and enables individuals and groups to be a blessing to the larger and smaller holons of their existence.

May the most inclusive, realistic, inspiring, and empowering interpretations win (and be widely embraced)!

Resources Edit

"Let's Stop Trivializing God, the Universe, and Our Role in Evolution!" – foundational Evolutionary Spirituality view

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