Evolutionary Spirituality

Evolutionary Concept of True Hinduism based on Vedic Epistemology

Evolutionary Vedic Spirituality

(Human Hindu Culture)

We shall call "evolutionary Hinduism" as "Evolutionary Vedic spirituality." The obvious reason is that the very concept “Evolution” cannot conceivably be a human construct.

There is enough evidence, even at the level of secular, rationalist, physical, vital, reductionist sciences, present status of human consciousness etc; that the phenomenon of evolution exists in a seed form in the supreme consciousness or the supreme energy of creation of the cosmic world. In fact, the human being, it's becoming has been an important form and structure in this seed program of creation. Besides, evolution is not a segregate phenomena but it engulfs and covers the entire phenomenal and other worlds.

The most significant consideration involved in this debate is that that in the seed program of creation involving its most profound unit viz the human being or better stated” embodied consciousness”, this appointed leader of evolution, has been bestowed with both a programmed as well as participatory role in the schema ( An internal representation of the world; an organization of concepts and actions that can be revised by new information about the world) of evolution.

Hinduism should not be treated as “Religion” like other contemporary organized religions, but a soulful commitment over generations carrying a specific eternally ongoing comprehensive culture to implement in the true spirit ,the beautiful scheme of evolution described as Sat-Chit- Ananda- or “Divine consciousness” in the terms of Mahayogi Aurobindo.

(Yeshwant Sane)

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