This wiki is part of a larger evolutionary spirituality movement, which itself is part of a still larger movement and awakening at work in society. The evolutionary spirituality movement includes evolutionary experts of all stripes as well as people articulating and evangelizing the relationships between evolution and spirituality. It includes local community groups and living-room groups in which people support each other in learning about and living into a meaningful (sacred) relationship to an evolutionary perspective grounded in the full range of sciences.

We want this wiki to be useful as a co-evolutionary tool for teaching, communicating, and learning for practicioners within this evolutionary spirituality movement, sympathetic scientists and other specialists in the world at large, and the interested general public. We hope it will ultimately serve as an evolving, friendly guide to evolutionary spirituality and living an evolutionary spiritual life.

This page is intended to help those of us involved in this movement to explore and develop its organizational dimension. What is our overall vision of what this movement could be? How would we best organize ourselves? What kinds of activities would we have in our place-based (local) or interest-based groups, to make them vibrantly engaging and sustainable?

What actions we would do to transform society -- including evolutionary salons -- and why we would do them, are questions covered in the Evolutionary Social Theory and Action section, not here.

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