Evolution operates on a number of tracks with unique and common dynamics that it behooves us to understand. Over time evolution has gone from

This page is concerned with the last three -- the evolution of society, technology, and consciousness. These three stimulate each other and thus co-evolve in parallel.

Central to evolutionary spirituality is our awareness that we are evolution -- or at least facets of evolution or agents of evolution. Individually and collectively we play a significant role in the evolution of society and culture, the evolution of consciousness, and the evolution of technology and tools. This is true no matter what we do or don't do.

Our task is to bring consciousness -- awareness, intentionality, intelligence, wisdom -- to our intrinsic evolutionary role. This is what conscious evolution is all about. As we grow into conscious evolution as individuals and at all collective levels (group, organization, community, society, etc.), we are evolution becoming increasingly conscious of itself.

In this great exercise of social creativity, many of us see our primary task as the conscious creation of increasingly conscious social systems.

This space is available for exploring the dynamics of these efforts to consciously evolve societies, technologies, and consciousness, including specific actions we could do to make an evolutionary difference. The way we organize ourselves, however, is covered in the Evolutionary Movement section of the site.

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