Within this general category we can post and explore theological and philosophical ideas, as well as rituals, rites of passage, holiday ideas, religious artifacts, etc., organized by religious tradition.

Innovations and Traditions Edit

Some evolutionary spirituality manifests within particular religious traditions, and some -- which we will call here "innovation" -- manifests more or less outside of such traditions, calling for a new spiritual category that is more comfortable, real or inspiring for its adherents.

Innovations Edit

Religious Naturalism

Possible Guidelines for Traditions Edit

People of each tradition are encouraged to re-interpret the core understandings and insights of their tradition from a science-based, meaningful, inspiring, empowering understanding of evolution. Some may find the following criteria a useful starting place when thinking about the specifics of their faith tradition:

How can this particular doctrine, concept, principle, or theological insight be understood in a way that:

a) validates pre-evolutionary understandings? (i.e., transcends and includes earlier interpretations)
b) makes sense naturally and scientifically? (i.e., is this-world realistic and measurable/falsifiable)
c) is inclusive and universal? (i.e., is true for everyone, everywhere)
d) is inspiring and empowering? (i.e., strengthens, deepens, and expands trust, motivating and enabling individuals and groups to contribute to the wellbeing of the larger and smaller holons of their existence.

May the most inclusive, realistic, inspiring, and empowering interpretations prevail (and be widely embraced)!

Traditions Edit

Resources Edit

"Let's Stop Trivializing God, the Universe, and Our Role in Evolution!" - foundational essay

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