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Unitarian Universalism is the religious faith / philosophical tradition that, perhaps more than any other, is bringing evolutionary spirituality squarely into its worship services and lifespan religious curricula.

The spring 2006 issue of UU World, which is the national magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association, features as its cover story "The Wonder of Evolution". Here, the work of Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd — UU "evolutionary evangelists — is featured. Since April 2002, Barlow and Dowd have lived entirely on the road, presenting sermons and workshops on a sacred and celebratory understanding of cosmic, life, and cultural evolution, (in accordance with the discoveries of mainstream science) at more than 150 Unitarian Universalist congregations and churches. Now, many of those same congregations and churches are making evolutionary spirituality an important part of their spiritual work.

Barlow and Dowd have a website, The Great Story, that offers a vast array of educational resources to support UU and other liberal religious and secular ways of bringing a celebratory understanding of the 13.7 billion year story of evolution into religious and secular values education. Great Story website resources that they most highly recommend for Unitarian Universalists are:

Rev. Michael Dowd also has created a website specifically for Christians, which shows how the core concepts of Christianity can be enriched (rather than merely "reconciled") with a sacred understanding of mainstream evolution. Christian UU's, or UU's whose loved ones are Christians, might find this Evolutionary Christianity website helpful.

Pagan UU's should refer to the Evolutionary Paganism page of this same evolutionary spirituality wiki site.

Unitarian Universalists who already are bringing evolutionary spirituality to their local or regional UU congregations are encouraged to post what they do on the UU Curriculum page of this website and to begin contacting one another directly.

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Metareligous Essay

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