LionKimbro recounts an experience of talking about Evolutionary Spirituality on a geek mailing list, "FoRK."

Originally written: LionKimbro 06:14, 22 April 2007 (UTC)

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  • There were about 3-6 supportive people, 3 of whom emailed in private.
  • A few people asked questions, but didn't express support or lack of support.
  • Most people were silent.
  • "Classical atheists," numbering perhaps 3-4, were extremely skeptical. Objections, paraphrased:
    • "Aren't you just trying to trick people?"
    • "Why not just tell people to think whatever they want?"
    • "Why are you pandering to religions? They don't deserve it."
    • "This looks like a religion, smells like a religion... ...It is a religion! We're against religion. Religion does bad things."
    • "People just need to get a grip."
    • "Woah-woah-woah-- what do you mean, the Universe became aware?"
    • "So much clap-trap."

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One of the classical atheists wrote:

Folks just need to get a grip. (...)
You come to grips with the fact that the only purpose of life is what you make of it; that the world is a cold, hollow, soulless place, and that no --- you are not a precious fucking snowflake.

Every statement of evolutionary spirituality was viewed as an opportunity for deceit.

Talk about language was considered "clap-trap" and trickery.

The idea that "We participate in this cosmic creativity by way of language, which is in inherently symbolic, meaningful, consequential, and ever changing," [1] was derided as (paraphrasing) "saying nothing." One person asked, (paraphrasing) "What could this even mean?!" They saw this as (paraphrasing) "new age pseudo-science clap-trap nonsense."


The classical atheists originally thought that we were saying that the universe has an independent consciousness, (like a classical God.) I think I convinced them otherwise, but they're squinting their eyes, saying, "Really..."

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