Integral Enlightenment is a set of concepts based on the teachings of Craig Hamilton (who in turn is inspired by his teacher Andrew Cohen , founder of EnlightenNext .)

It has a group of people who participate virtually in teleseminars and social networks together.

Their site is here .

They coproduced the free Evolutionary Spirituality Teleseminar series with a number of key Evolutionary figures.

An Incomplete Sample of Key Concepts[edit | edit source]

  • Being the Evolutionary Impulse
  • Meditation, Ground of Being
  • Evolutionary Detective (similar to Cognitive Behavioural techniques, but perhaps deeper stretching)
  • Growth edges
  • 4 spheres

Key Figures[edit | edit source]

Craig Hamilton and Andrew Cohen were both part of the EnlightenNext / "What is Enlightenment" Evolutionary Collective who engaged in retreats and produced a magazine focused on exploring Enlightenment. They noticed the philosophical impact of Evolution, on the tradition notion of Enlightenment and realised a few key figures had found the same.

    • Buddhism
    • Christianity (specifically Mystical Christianity)
    • etc...
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