Mabon celebrates the harvest, the time when the work of the summer has resulted in an abundance of the fruits of the earth. In the human lifespan, it corresponds to retirement, when the hard work of your life has yielded its reward. Fall harvest décor is appropriate, with dried cornstalks, squash, gourds, Indian corn, etc. The social aspect of our lives is highlighted by this harvest theme – a time when friends and family get together for the harvest. We celebrate this day with a harvest party – carefully themed to be a secular harvest party, allowing even our most religious friends to come (for instance, Jehovah’s witnesses are forbidden to celebrate specific holidays, but a general harvest party may be seen as OK.

Because this celebrates the harvest, plants which produce the harvest (angiosperms) are celebrated here. The first angiosperms appeared here. (Time = from 100 million to 66 million years ago)

Dinner will of course have a harvest theme, including squash, homemade bread, cranberry sauce, and other angiosperms, etc. If deer season were sooner I’d have fresh venison (I hunt deer with a bow& arrow). One part of the ritual is often the pouring of a little wine at the base of the trees in our yard as thanks for the summer shade and the coming fall colors.