Please apply the following guidelines to ensure consistent formatting of the Evolutionary Spirituality wiki.


Stellar spire of the Eagle Nebula (NASA).

Naming Conventions Edit

In general, name articles in a way that is simple and intuitive. Keep the general audience in mind. Also make sure you name pages so the title is easy to remember and link to from other wiki articles.

Use upper case only for the initial letter of the first word, and lower case for the subsequent words with the exeption of proper names. Example: "Manual of style", not "Manual of Style".

See the Wikipedia Naming conventions article for more details.

Clear Focus Edit

Keep each article focused on a clearly defined and limited topic. This keeps each article down to a manageable length.

Delegate related topics to other articles. This makes it easier for users to find and link to precise topics.

Formating Edit

Please consider formatting entries into shorter segments, using various levels of headers. This also automatically creates an index box below the intro and above the first segment, as seen on this page.

== Heading == (w. line)

=== Subheading === (bold, no line)

Subheading Edit

An example of a subheading.

Sections Edit

A typical sequence of article sections:

  • Introduction
  • Main body (segmented)
  • Resources
    • Links to other Evolutionary Spirituality wiki articles.
    • Links to articles from other wikis.
    • Websites, books, audio-visual media, etc.

Links Edit

Make sure to link to other wiki articles in the text, whenever appropriate. Link at the first use of the word.

Example of code:

  • Link to an Evolutionary Spirituality article: [[The Great Story]]
  • Link to other wiki: [[Wikipedia: Evolution]]
  • Link to non-wiki webpage: [ | The Great Story]

Example of use:

In the tradition of [[Wikipedia:Pierre_Teilhard_de_Chardin | Pierre Teilhard de Chardin]] and others, the [[Epic of Evolution]] can be experienced as a meaningful, inspiring, empowering modern day [[Wikipedia:Creation_Myth | creation myth]].

In the tradition of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and others, the Epic of Evolution can be experienced as a meaningful, inspiring, empowering modern day creation myth.

Images Edit

Please also consider including images with the text. A good source for astronomy images is the Hubble Site (select an album and image, then Screen Use > Large and download to your computer).

To include an image, see what is already available at the ES Wiki New Images. If you want to add an image to this collection, Upload File and then link to it.

Here is an example of coding for a thumbnail image with caption, placed to the right of the text: [[Image:StellarSpireEagleNebula.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Stellar spire of the Eagle Nebula (NASA).]]

See Wikipedia's editing guides for more about using images.

Additional Resources Edit