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Stellar spire of the Eagle Nebula (NASA).

Introductions to Evolutionary Spirituality Edit

These are mostly grounded in the Great Story perspective.

A "Great Story" wiki Table of ContentsEdit

This is an organized presentation of certain areas of inquiry, learning and co-creativity compiled for those interested in the Great Story. The top-level links below link to pages that themselves contain lists of links. This hierarchical outline-style organization of selected contents of this wiki constitutte a table of contents of an evolving manual of evolutionary spirituality. Or, at least, that's the way some of us think about it...

Participating in wiki as an evolutionary adventure Edit

Evolution loves diversity and uses it creatively. This wiki is itself an evolutionary space, an experiment in conscious evolution. It is being designed to help us show up as our authentic selves, take responsibility for what we love, live together in creative interaction, and build an evolving co-created commons that speaks to and for us all. Welcome!

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Each of us decides how we want to engage in the wiki community that maintains and improves this site. If you want to get a sense of possible roles you could play in this wiki community, check out

If you have suggestions for how to make this wiki better serve your purposes as part of the evolutionary movement, please add your comments to our exploration of What kind of wiki should this be?

(If you are familiar with this wiki and have a favorite starting point or group of starting points, feel free to add them!)
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