I also like to think of Imbolc as relating to the early Universe when galaxies were forming .. apparently the early Universe had a lacy pattern caused by quantum fluctuations that enabled the galaxies to form. Swimme and Berry describe the young billion year old universe: “After the fireball ended, the Universe’s primordial blaze extinguished itself, only to burn once more in the form of lacy veils of galaxies filling all one billion years of space-time existence” ("The Universe Story", p. 34). Frequently lacy white fabrics are used traditionally for decorating iat Imbolc, so I think of the lace as the web of the young Universe itself, and what Creativity it has taken to bring forth all that we witness.

That's cool. I've added it to the main page to provide another reflection of the Imbolc theme. The time doesn't work out, since that predates Tiamat, and Tiamat seems to fit with Yule so well. However, it feels right, and wiggling the time around I think is OK if done consciously and for good reasons. Another instance of the time issue is where I've mentioned mass extinctions as something to commemorate at Samhain, even though mass extinctions have happened at many different times, and the largest one appears to have been way back at the end of the Permian. Thus they too have to cover a time off from what is otherwise mentioned. -Equinox 2007.07.30

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