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A cosmic story is a way in which we orient ourselves in the world. The fact is that humans require this.[1] Butterflies don't have a cosmic story that they talk about. Their story is actually built into their DNA.[2] Wolves, whales... all of them know what they are doing because it is part of their genetic inheritance.

We require stories that are expressed in our culture so we can find our way forward. They enable us to know what's important to do, and what's important to avoid.[3] Who are we?[4] What are we about here? Stories situate us in the world in a way that gives us a fundamental meaning, orientation and direction.

Today, we live right at the juncture between stories.[5] We're in that chasm between a story that used to function and a new story that has yet to function effectively.[6] The stories of the past, we regard as important.[7] We pay a lot of respect to them. But we know that they do not actually give us a careful, accurate depiction of the Universe. We've surpassed the level of knowledge that those stories gave us and that we needed at that time. [8]

The Global Mindshift New Story Transcript with source citing - Part Two

[1] Studies of breadth of cultures with creation stories. Examples of what happens when its destroyed. Statistics about people whose lives and survivability are improved with religion and basic references to sociology on religion (Kant? ).

[2] The role in instinct and social direction

[3] evolutionary benefit of being able to avoid things, sources of food, etc. Richard Dawkins - The Selfish Gene?

[4] The importance of self identity and self-esteem

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[6] Hey! We're working on it, come help, WE EAT BRAINSSS ;)

[7] Good parts of the Bible and the Torah, their current importance in the lives of many people. Charity work, and other organizations, being auxiliary to governmental and individual people - highlighting the gap that needs filling.

[8] Again, coherence, out-dated religions and philosophical disenchantment.

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