Curricula for Bringing Evolutionary Spirituality into UU Religious Education and Ritual PracticesEdit

1. The Great Story WebsiteEdit

Connie Barlow, a UU religious naturalist, is webmaster for a site that is widely used in UU circles for downloading curricula for childen, youth, and adult religious education and for accessing a number of materials from which rituals and other experiential processes can be created for UU Sunday services and other events.

The Great Story Website offers a vast array of educational resources to support UU and other liberal religious and secular ways of bringing a celebratory understanding of the 13.7 billion year story of evolution into religious and secular values education. Resources that they most highly recommend for Unitarian Universalists are:

2. RESOURCES for UU CurriculaEdit

1. Universe Story Trilogy for Kids - This website gives access to the acclaimed trilogy of children's books written by Jennifer Morgan and illustrated by Dana Lynn Andersen, which are already being used in many UU contexts for kids. The titles of the 3 books are: "Born with a Bang", "From Lava to Life", and "Mammals That Morph".

2. We're Made of Star-Stuff chapter in the 6-chapter book, "The Kids Book of Awesome Stuff". Charlene Brotman has developed a 6 chapter, workbook-style book for elementary age kids who can read well. This book has been featured on the UUA website. Now, you can view or download the first chapter on how the chemical elements in our bodies were forged inside of ancestral stars!


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