Evolutionary Spirituality


About me[]

I'm Luke Stanley. I aspire to use my talents to greatest Evolutionary benefit. I want to evolve culture to be more Evolutionary and more Integral. I focus on Visual Language and Semantic software with my startup ThoughtTrail.

How I got into this:

When I was 16, BBC Storyville featured Yulie Cohen Gerstel's documenaries 'My Terrorist' and 'My Israel' which are heartbreaking personal stories, or radical and timely self-transformation. I read the Selfish Gene, and I've been into Evolution as a worldview since I was 16, as part of the nerdy Church of Virus, memetics group - who share/d and interested in a form of Universal Darwinism.

Eventually Lion Kimbro taught be the term 'Evolutionary Spirituality' and got me into this stuff via Brain Swimme's introduction to the New Story on the Global Mindshift site when I was 19, almost exactly 4 years ago today (thanks Lion!!!).

I'm into the practices of Integral Enlightenment's Craig Hamilton, I did the 9 week virtual course and I'm on the Year Long course.

I think the AQAL, Integral models are quite clever and useful tools for studying the 'Whole System'.

I meditate every day for at least half an hour. I run Skype meditation sessions weekly. I participate in online forums on the Yearly course and am on a UK ex-Integral Enlightenment course group too (which I helped setup a little).

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