After about 15 years exploring and developing theories, resources and networks for co-intelligence and wise democracy I had an evolutionary epiphany ("We are the latest unfolding configuration of the Big Bang, in progress" and "We are the living face of evolution now") that made it clear to me that all my co-intelligence work was about catalyzing the conscious evolution of social systems. So here I am, working on a wiki to help build a movement for the conscious evolution of increasingly conscious social systems, grounded in the awesome and empowered spirituality implicit (and now explicit) in the Great Story of evolution. I live in a Eugene, OR, co-op house with 9 other people, 5 cats, and a few occasional (and temporary) mice. We are all stardust, enroute to whatever's next, finding out what consciousness has to do with that...

Tom Atlee's initial take on conscious evolution

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