Orienting ourselves to the vision of conscious social systems can guide our attention beyond the normal realms of charitable and activist activity -- as vital as they are. While we need to ameliorate individual suffering, prevent damage to the commonwealth, improve undesirable social conditions, and otherwise address social problems, we need to also explore why such problems are so persistent or increasing.

Orienting ourselves to helping social systems evolve into greater consciousness can stir our imaginations beyond fixing "bad" institutions that generate suffering, damage and harmful conditions. It can stretch us beyond even our utopian visions.

Because we are not fixing social problems, improving society, or moving from one state to another. What we are after here is not a static ideal form of society. We want social systems that can change themselves -- that can consciously evolve in healthy directions -- over and over, in ongoing response to emerging understandings and new challenges. We want to nurture the capacity of societies to consciously evolve together forever.

So this is not a movement for social change, per se. This is a movement to expand ourselves into evolution, itself, as it becomes more conscious through us and through the self-transforming social systems we create. This is a movement to enable our world to learn its way into greater vitality and awareness with each newborn day.

See conscious social systems

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