An Evolutionary Salon is any pre-scheduled conversation that

a. is grounded in a science-based, inspiring, empowering understanding of evolution
b. takes seriously our role in evolution becoming conscious of itself
c. is designed to support individual and collective evolution
d. contributes to the emerging networked movement for conscious evolution


The purpose of an Evolutionary Salon is to develop understandings, capacities, communities, connections, and possibilities that can serve us in growing into the conscious evolution of civilization, so that our individual and collective actions serve the whole of life.


An Evolutionary Salon can be of any size, use any type of process in any venue, include any type of people, deal with any subject or inquiry, and be organized in any way, as long as it fits the definition and purpose above. 

The diversity of evolutionary salons ranges from one-time potluck discussions, to weekly living-room study and support groups, to a dozen professional or sector experts gathering for two days of intense work together, to a large week-long open-invitation open space conference with hundreds or thousands of participants -- or any other form. The more diverse forms, the better.

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