On this page we can explore questions like

  • What is this wiki for?
  • What direction do we want this wiki to go?
  • How should this wiki community operate?
  • Are we trying to build the terminology of the field? And, if so, how?

What is this wiki for? Edit

The evolutionary spirituality wiki is expected to serve many functions.

One of these is as a resource for anyone intrigued by evolutionary spirituality. The wiki satisfies this by answering frequently asked questions (yes, we do still need to do a Evolutionary Spirituality FAQ page -- maybe as part of an inquirypedia!), and offering resources for further exploration. This includes questions about what evolution is - which can be answered from a scientifically sound and objective perspective, as well as opening up new perspectives to explore.

Second, the wiki provides a meta-religious resource, that is, guidance on how to learn, practice and live evolutionary spirituality as part of various religions, such as Buddhist, Pagan, Christian, etc. This can include rituals, religious essays, etc.

Third, the wiki can point out ways to incorporate evolutionary spirituality into one's life, such as pilgrimages to sacred sites, daily devotions, physically creating sacred space at home, practicing evolutionary agentry, etc.

Fourth, the wiki can help show how to form and energize a local evolutionary spirituality family or community for all ages, whether as part of a larger spiritual community or separate.

Fifth, this wiki can develop ideas on and point the way to forms of social activism that grow out of an evolutionary consciousness that is spiritual or strategic or both.

Page Organization Edit

I would like to encourage the use of various levels of headers and relatively brief segments. This allows for easier reading, and quicker access to particular segments within a page. See the Wikipedia for examples, such as this simple example. Using headers also automatically creates a nice navigation box below the intro and before the segments.

Perkl 07:58, 2 March 2006 (UTC)

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